BTC Tarot is a Ordinals collection. The project aims to build a vibrant and dynamic community and provide utilities to Tarot lovers.

Gistlist is a NFT board that helps you track airdrops, announcements and news so you don’t miss the next pump (or rug) again. Their mission is also to help projects retain their community and minimize dump after launch.

Fundamenter is an NFT dealer and consultancy firm based in Dubai, UAE. They deal with all art ranging from traditional to modern, both physical and digital.

WeOne is a next generation gaming platform providing unprecedented, multi-dimensional gaming experiences. They are a decentralized domain for the gaming industry and esports scene, which aims to seamlessly connect the gaming community – gamers, sponsors, tournament organizers and content providers. WeOne is the official partner of XiGu Group, which owns Yuugames. Yuugames is an esports organiser with millions of members across 140,000 game cafes in China. XiGu has presence covering 18 provinces in China, operating and promoting events in more than 1000 locations. WeOne Chakra has been appointed as the official currency in this ecosystem. XiGu is partnering exclusively with WeOne to adopt Chakra as its official cryptocurrency. Trustless, Immutable, Efficient.

There has been no demonstrable way for legacy planning of your crypto asset till date. The project aims to solve the issue with smart contract.